With hundreds of CAREER options, making a choice can prove to be quite confusing and seem daunting. Navigating through the sea of Information on the internet, family pressures, peer group affinities, salary and career prospects make the web harder to cut through. CONCOURSE helps you unlock your potential and helps you choose right.



At senior school, opting for the right courses and taking informed decisions about the most suitable career options becomes critical. Our mission is to empower each one to take a balanced decision about the kind of career most suitable to your natural interests and abilities.
Getting into a study course that does not suit your natural interests and abilities can come in the way of future prospects. This is why you must know what your natural aptitudes are and how best to relate them to potential academic and career choices.


Educational psychologists and educationists have been talking about different learning and thinking styles for many years now.
There are scientific tests that objectively determine a student’s natural abilities and cognitive styles. A career counseling based on these findings has the backing of scientific data to guide you towards a life and career you are best suited for.
We will take you through these tests so that you know where your optimal potential lies. The test results will also help your parents have realistic expectations from you.


The dynamic environment that we have created for ourselves, the changing technology, and the need to be different in the light of the competition around, requires students to be better informed about their interests and academic choices. And thus make better, informed decisions about their high school subjects and college majors.

Identifying Career Choices

A 4 year planning window gives time to identify strengths and address weaknesses and enable the student to pursue the career that fits best with their interests and abilities. Thus providing room for far more thought through choices and informed decisions on colleges and programs.

College students who have not given enough thought to their academic interests may need to change their majors midway through the program, in the process spend more money and time completing the program.