BEHAVIOR is a symptom of what we feel inside. Adolescence is a very unsettling time in life , when a child is thrown into a sea of emotions arising out of physical, mental and social changes all at once.
There are bound to be fireworks….and How !!

During this period of constant flux, parents, teachers and adults can play a pivotal role in the adolescents life, if they learn to understand and interpret their behavior better.


Anxious: worried, moody or nervous
Insensitive: unfriendly, bully
Careless: not being careful; rushing into things
Impatient: quickly irritated and easily provoked
Lazy: unwilling to work or showing a lack of effort
Rigid: being unwilling to change one’s outlook, belief
Undisciplined: lacking in discipline

Active: always busy with something
Sensitive: in touch with feelings
Cautious: being very careful
Conscientious: taking time to do things right
Creative: Full of ideas
Curious: always wanting to know things
Organized: dealing with one’s affairs efficiently


The tests identify the inherent personality types of individuals and how they assist them in learning the art of influencing people. It reveals various hereditary strengths and weaknesses that aid better introspection and timely action .

Assessing Behavioral Blocks

The tests also map an individuals’ response to environment by identifying intrinsic behavioural preferences, communication patterns and traits; and help flex the response to suit the environment.

The Behavioral tests will help you understand these deeply embedded habits and mindsets. You will be able to identify exactly what you need to change:

  • For more effective communication
  • For improved interpersonal relationships
  • For efficient information processing
  • For accurate understanding of what is urgent